Saturday, May 6, 2017

Make Way for Ducklings

Yesterday afternoon, Marcia and I saw this parade booking it in front of the shop.  It was a mother duck and five ducklings.  They were being escorted (directed) by 2 employees of Goodwill.  They didn't know from whence (I had to say that!) the ducks came , but they were huddling at the Goodwill dropoff area 5 shops east of Needle Nicely.  They traveled down the front of our shops and then rounded the end of the building and were guided to the swale behind the shop.  It is so full of debris that it is difficult to pick out the ducks.  Of course, I didn't think of my camera until they were ready to slip through the fence to the trickle of water residing in the swale.  You have to look really closely to see them (it was about 4:45 facing into the sun, not the ideal perspective for a photo op).
You can barely discern the mother just in front of the 2nd from the right fence upright.  The 5 ducklings are in tight formation behind her.  The lady Goodwill escort has a pair of rhinestone-studded flip-flops in her right hand that she used to guide their journey.

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  1. Guess Goodwill is good at "relocating" almost anything.
    DH once had to carry a box turtle about 18 in. in diameter back to the pond to keep it from laying eggs on our newly-seeded front yard.