Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Feather purse flap

I've been taking my time stitching the feather purse flap.  Which is a good thing since I need to stitch a bit and then contemplate the finished stitching.  This is where I was in my stitching last week.
 I've been taking my time stitching this, because I have to get used to the brightness of the colors I used for the right end of the feather.
After a lot of consideration, I decided to add a single strand of medium taupe splendor to tone down the brightness of the feather tip.
I like the effect of the 2nd feather, so now I can proceed with overstitching one ply over the orange and yellow and then stitching the remainder as I have started.

Do you agree with my choice?


  1. I like it--the taupe does tone down the blues and red AND blends nicely with the background.

  2. Yes. The taupe is doing its job nicely.