Saturday, June 10, 2017

destination dallas 2017

Several months ago, information was sent out about the independent trade show run by Destination Dallas.  It was time to register to attend the show.  And coincidentally, to register with the show hotel.  I did not dally as I had two years ago when I had to stay a shuttle away--bummer and time waster.  I immediately booked my hotel room at the show hotel.

Then I booked my airline ticket with Dallas, which I paid for with Capital One.  About two weeks later, I checked on line to check that the ticket charge was posted.  Then, I called and the amount of the ticket was eliminated through Capital One's points for miles program.  I next upgraded the ticket with Delta frequent flyer miles, once again paying for the cash charge with Capital One Points.

I also reserved the Super Shuttle round-trip to the hotel and checked with the gentleman here in Vero who I use to drive me to and from the airport.

Last week, we selected the classes we wanted to take.  I signed up for a class on various hair techniques by Carolyn Taggart.  The other two classes I selected were a Melissa Shirley Halloween house taught by Patricia Sone; and Artist Collection's Santa on a sleigh taught by JaneAnn Sleeman.  My fingers are crossed until I hear that I got my choices.

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