Saturday, June 3, 2017

Summertime in Vero Beach

Needle Nicely always starts its summer hours on Memorial Day.  That is our first Monday of the summer.  So our summer hours are from Tuesday through Friday.

Macy has already gone North and is working part-time for Threads in Charlottesville.  Marcia is
whipping her yard into shape so she can leave town for Michigan soon.  Hopefully, she will be back in August.

Someone, obviously new to the area, came into the shop Friday.  I was waiting on a customer, and while I acknowledged her, it was obvious I was occupied.  She spotted Lynn (my volunteer fiber clerk) through the swinging doors into the back room.  She commented that "can't she help me".  I had to tell her Lynn only does restocking, not customer service.  And that she does with her hearing aid off!

When I sent my rent check for June 1, I requested that my landlord have someone clean out the swale behind the row of shops where Needle Nicely is. Over the year, debris collects in the swale--like a large tree branch from a wind storm.  During a massive rain storm last year, all of the drains clogged and the swale was stopped up.  The water behind the shop came in the back door everytime a car drove by.  The water in the parking lot was about 15" deep. I had to wade through it to get to my husband, waiting on a side street.  So I warned the landlord to be sure the drains are clear (as well as the swale).


  1. I hope your landlord straightens things out!

  2. That's from Nikki. I hate how blogger won't let me choose an identity when I'm on my phone. Phhht.