Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christmas angel

For the past several weeks, I've been busy stitching an angel designed by Susan Roberts.  At this time of year my stitching time is an hour or two in the evening before I start cooking dinner.  During shop hours my time is spent putting new items on the inventory and waiting on customers (Hooray for customers). 

These canvases come with the brass wings, a ribbon for the bow, and most importantly, the head with curly hair and crown. 

This is the sleeve showing the beginning of the Byzantine Scotch stitch.

I started using a red petite very velvet.  It looks gorgeous when it is finished and the finished surface feels wonderful when you stroke it!

I stitched the "checkerboard" in alternating Scotch stitches and the background of the border in the basketweave.  Both areas done again in the petite very velvet.  Then, using Balger #12 I did French knots for the garland and hearts.  I tried to do these French knots also in the very velvet, but they looked smudgy and indefinite in shape.  The garland was painted in two shades of green but I decided to use only one. The gold border was stitched in candlelight.  I can't wait to see the finished model!!  Here is the finished canvas waiting for the finisher.

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  1. Good morning, Mary Agnes. I suppose you've heard that Judy Harper is very ill in hospital. I think her family plans to take down her website and blogs soon so I was browsing her website, remembering our fun emails, when I found one last gift from Judy--your blog address.

    So I've been happily reading about your adventures in Florida this morning. I added your blog to my blog list and tomorrow I plan to toast you and Judy in one of the entries I've already written.

    Hope you are well and happy and that we can talk to Judy again soon.

    Jane, waving from Chilly Hollow