Monday, February 14, 2011

Sophia Designs purses

The other day, one of my customers remarked that seeing me opening boxes of canvases was like watching a child with Christmas presents.  And that's how I feel!!  Even though I'm the one who placed the orders and know what is coming, nothing compares to having the canvas or purse or footstool in my hand.  Oh, delight!

Sophia of Sophia Designs does faille purses with zip-off flaps.  The individual flap has a semi-attached lining which enables one to do the stitching and later slip-stitch down to provide a finished back.  This is one she has with Oriental ribbons as the design.

Another design is a classic of a graceful phoenix.

The purse also comes in an elongated version.  This magnificent peacock is one of Sophia's newest designs.

The purses also come with blank canvas flaps and it is possible to order additional flaps, both blank and with designs, so that one purse pouch may be used with the changeable flaps to vary the look.

On a different subject, a customer recently showed me a needle case and asked if I could obtain more for her.  I'm sorry I didn't think to photograph it.  It is a rectangle made of leather-covered metal about 2 1/2 by 4 1/2.  The leather looks like that used on the Lee's round gift boxes.  When open, the case lies flat, with a magnetic covering on both interior surfaces.  It is thick enough to hold a pair of embroidery scissors.  The label say "Metropolitan".  I have looked on the internet trying to locate something similar to no avail.  It is much sturdier than the two sizes of "Needle Safe" that are available in plastic.  Can anyone solve the mystery?


  1. Maybe you are thinking of Namate's little cases?

    Randi @The World in Stitches