Tuesday, February 1, 2011

lighthouses I

Today I drove to Miami to see a long-time ("old") friend who is closing her shop. We've known each other 30 years or more. The drive is 2 1/2 hours long each way. It provides an opportunity to examine your life's goals; how you will spend the lottery (my favorite for trips to Miami and also to North Carolina--endless hours of solitude). Needle Nicely started out in the mountains of North Carolina and continued for many years to maintain an outlet with my driving a trailer full of inventoryup I-95 trailing a line of speeders every June. Trubey drove the return trip slightly faster, witness the speeding tickets. If she had been a 5'6" brunette, just think what a stack those tickets would have been (she's a 6-foot blonde!)

With the Paternayan situation being what it is (dismal!), I took some yarn with me to swap for some more precious colors (to me). I took the
day to make the transfer of yarns, primarily to see Peggy, my friend of many years. We could have done this by mail, but I wanted to make it more personal. To travel old routes--and perhaps to realize that there are no more markets to share. Businesses may die, but friendships can endure.

Anyway, I digress. Several years ago I asked Trubey for several designs for doorstops. In Florida, we often have open doors to welcome "tropical breezes". However, doors slam, vehemently! Doorstops are the order of the day.

This is the Boston Lighthouse (we have many New England customers in Vero Beach)

This is the Tybee Island lighthouse.

And this is the Hatteras Lighthouse (Go! North Carolina!)

And, voila, the lighthouse that is the star of my stitching effort (try to figure a grammatical way around that!)--the Jupiter lighthouse--Ta-Dum---

The sky is Triple diagonal Parisian, the tree trunks are chain stitch, the tree tops are mosaic,and the ground is the woven or t-stitch. We had it finished into a weighted, shaped, doorstop. A perfect murder weapon!!

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  1. What a wonderful idea! I've never seen doorstops before.