Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lighthouses III

One of the new canvases arriving today was a Christmas stocking from Alice Peterson featuring a huge snowman with a "generic" lighthouse in the background. To us in Florida, all that snow looks enticing and delightful, just calling to be stitched.  We, thank goodness, don't have to drive in it.

Among the canvases that Needle Nicely's "studio" has designed through the years is a set of 8 coasters of lighthouses of the Great Lake waters surrounding the lower peninsula of Michigan. We also did these same lighthouses as a belt canvas.

Walker Designs produced this belt canvas on 13mesh. It's hard to find belts on 13mesh so this is a double rarity--great design with a larger mesh!

And my final example of lighthouse needlepoint is a belt canvas that the Needle Nicely studio did of the 3 lighthouses of Nantucket. What a feeling of familiarity a year ago September when I got a chance to visit Nantucket and see "our" lighthouses in the flesh, so to speak.
I apologize for the misplacement of that last belt canvas, but tonight Blogger refuses to let me put it where I want it.  I'm exhausted and hungry and want my dinner.  Tomorrow is another day and I hope then I will be victorious!!

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