Saturday, July 2, 2011

Flamingos everywhere II

I'm sorry that the definition of the beak stitches doesn't show up in the photograph, though it is apparent in person (can you say that about birds?). 

I liked the Byzantine Scotch stitch so much as the background of the 5 ladies that I wanted to see if it could be part of a design or relegated to backgrounds only.  I like the way it shows up on Miss Pinky's wing so I think it passes the versatility test.  For the body I selected the Milanese stitch.

The sand has a nice texture worked in the T-stitch (or woven stitch). 

It wasn't as difficult as I expected to fit the background around the legs.  I was afraid I'd have to resort to the basketweave, but I think my counting was accurate. 

I'm busy flipping through various stitch books to find an assortment of "small" stitches for the smaller areas of the flamingos yet to stitch.  See you next week with more progress.

1 comment:

  1. The raspberry shade of thread on Miss Pinky's wing is terrific!