Saturday, July 9, 2011

Flamingos Everywhere III

My progress this week has been slow, partly because of several good deeds I've been performing.  A friend of mine just couldn't "get" the Diagonal Triple Parisian so I offered to stitch that section of her pillow canvas for her.  Naturally it's taking longer than I expected.  A regular customer who is recovering from kidney failure sent in a completed Christmas stocking canvas for me to mark the missed stitches.  (I insert a needle in each missing stitch.)  She had missed more than usual because of just not feeling up to par.  It's interesting how your health, mentally and physically, can be reflected in your stitching. 

For the wing of the green flamingo, I did the Patio Cashmere.  The body of the flamingo is done in the Criss-cross Hungarian; I filled the space with a French knot done in 2 plies each of both of the greens.  I had tried to do them in the lighter green alone, but it blended into the background of the stitch.  The cheek is the Diagonal Cashmere in the darker green.   

I've started the wing of the yellow flamingo in the Kalem stitch; the body is the Nobuko. 

This is a photograph of my total progress:

I'm enjoying the bright colors--the flamingos seem so full of personality!


  1. The colors certainly are vibrant--a great summer project!

  2. Looks great- very summery... Sounds like you didn't get as much done as you wanted, but what great kindness you showed to your friends and clients!