Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hurricane season

Well, it's that time again.  There have already been 4 named tropical storms and two tropical waves are moving across the Atlantic as we speak.  Whoopee!  At least it looks like a very dry Texas will receive some much needed moisture from Don and he appears to be staying a tropical storm, rather than becoming a hurricane.  This part of the summer is what they call "the Gulf" path of storms where the storms go into the Gulf of Mexico and then either swing back on Florida or go toward Mexico or the Gulf Coast.  In late September and October the storms are definitely Atlantic and aim for Florida from the East or go up the Atlantic Coast.  Believe me, I have learned more than anyone should ever know about hurricanes and their behavior. 

I've already reprogrammed my morning to include a stop at the Weather Channel at 10 before the hour for the Tropical Report.  The announcers openly admit they're sorry they have nothing to report.

When I started this blog last fall, I was unpacking the needlepoint rug canvases from the plastic bins where I store them during hurricane season.  Yesterday I started doing the reverse, packing the rugs away. 

This kimono is a large wall hanging from Lee's Needle Arts.  It's on 13mesh canvas.  The peacock looks lifelike and ready to screech.

This octagonal rug was designed by Rosalie Peters and is distributed by Kate Schofield.  It's on 10mesh canvas and utilizes the color families usually associated with Rosalie's designs.

This rug by DJ Designs is on 10mesh canvas and has two accompanying pillow canvases.  Such a marvelous, flowing design.

I enjoy this opportunity to refresh my memory of the rug canvases I have in stock.  There are more to pack away tomorrow, so I can take more photographs to show you.

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