Saturday, July 16, 2011

Flamingos Everywhere IV

I seemed to make more progress this week.  Of course, it could also be because the flamingos on the right of the design are smaller than those on the left and thus stitch up quicker. 

I did the body in peach Splendor in the Serendipity stitch.  I love the look, but it can be tedious.  Compensation is challenging and not to be attempted when your mind is fatigued or distracted. 

The Jacquard I used for the wing almost stitched itself.  The cheek was done in the mosaic. 

In looking at the photograph, the head doesn't stand out very much from the orange wing of the yellow flamingo.  I think I'll use one or two ply of the darker peach to backstitch the outline of the head.  No way am I taking out all of that peach!

I also had time to complete the nobuko and kalem stitches on the yellow flamingo.  I then worked on the sky.  I don't want to finish all of the flamingos and have hours of background to do--Booorrring.

You'll notice that I fell back on basketweave in 2 areas .  The first where the neck of the pink flamingo meets the wing and the other, the area between the pink and green flamingo at the sand line. 

Next comes the blue flamingo and some catch-up stitching on the sand and sky.  I'm already thinking about my next blog-stitching project.  Sad, but true, that we really jump into a project, think about it, consider options, and rethink options.  But once we have it figured out...on to the next project.  At least, mentally.

Edit note:  Anne asked about the Serendipity stitch in her comment.  I'm sorry it doesn't show up well  in the photograph here (or in the photograph for 5 stylish ladies).  The stitch is composed of 2 elements:  the first slanted to the right, over 2, over 1, over 2; the second slanted to the left, over 1, over 2, over 1.  It continues down the diagonal.  It does look interesting "in person".  (Blogger wouldn't let me enter a comment, so I used its "edit" feature.)


  1. Very colorful and summery! The "Serendipity" stitch looks like diagonal mosaic to me--what's the difference?

  2. Great vibrant colors lead to a question:

    If flamingos get their color from their diet (shrimp here in Florida leading to the bright flamingo color) as you stitch this crowd what do you imagine they are dining on?