Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rugs and a wallhanging

I had to interrupt my "bin packing" when the mailman brought the latest sale listing from Melissa Shirley.  She isn't going to be at the Baltimore market (regrettably, neither am I), so is letting everyone know her sale canvases now.  Yum, yum!  So I start looking and make a tentative list.  Just as with dessert, my eyes are bigger than my budget.  So, Tuesday I will trim my wish list, though with a little padding to acknowledge that  I may not get everything I want.  It's just like looking through the Sears, Roebuck catalog when I was young (I'm not saying how many years ago!). 

Let me introduce you to Plum Blossom--isn't she gorgeous?  She's a design from Lee's Needle Art Studio on 18mesh.  That's right, 18mesh.  I'm in love with her.  I look at her and can just imagine what stitches will bring out her beauty.  I didn't measure her canvas, but it is large for 18mesh.  About 2.5 by 4, but she's gorgeous.  I reassure her that if no one buys her, I won't throw her in the severely discounted sale pile, but will stitch her when I retire.  Of course, my retirement looks ever more distant considering the current economic climate.  Not to mention that my house is contemporary-nothing in decor. Isn't she gorgeous?

This is a yummy rug by Stephanie of Danae Designs.  You just want to pluck those strawberries and have a feast!  This is on 12mesh (I think, I looked and guessed but didn't measure).  About 30x48 in size.  Would look wonderful with either a very pale green or very pale pink background. 

This beauty is "ala William Morris" courtesy of Inge Woolley of Creative Needle.  What a marvelous design to go with chintz.  And it's on 10mesh canvas so it will stitch as quick as a wink.  And it's pleasing to look at. 

Perhaps by now you can tell why it takes me so long to pack (or unpack) my rug canvases.  I spend lots of time talking to them and admiring them--and resting my back that doesn't like THAT angle when I bend over to fold or unfold the canvases.  Next week we get to the baby-size canvases (2x3).  Until then.


  1. Yes, Plum Blossom is a beauty. I do love that canvas. To heck with the decor. She'll do fine any place. But for now keep her safe from high waters.

  2. I'd take Inge's "William Morris" any day!

  3. I love seeing all the rugs you have. I started following your blog when you were unpacking the rugs last year. You know I love rugs! Looking forward to seeing the "little" ones.