Saturday, October 29, 2011

Christmas trees from Associated Talents

This is one of a series of canvases designed by Associated Talents.  It is a natural for pattern stitches.  Of course, I started with the border first since I don't like leaving the background areas until last (booooring).  I used a combination of metallic threads (2 Balger for the white and green and Neon Rays Plus for the red) in basketweave to do the candy cane border.

Then I let myself start the first tree on the left.  Using a green metallic I did the diagonal mosaic between the red dots (done in a red metallic).  Compensating tent stitches were used to complete the tree.  And the star on top was done in long stitches to form the star in gold fyrewerks.  In fact, all of the stars on top of trees were done this way.

The red/gold/white tree was done in basketweave/tent stitch in metallic yarns.  The nobuko stitch could have been a possibility for the white and red areas.

Tree #3 was done in the alternating cashmere with a white tent stitch where painted periodically using solid green and white metallic threads and a multicolored green/white metallic thread. 

The fourth tree is done in various lengths of the slanted gobelin using metallic ribbon floss, sparkle rays, neon rays plus, and a Balger metallic. 

Really fun to stitch and watch the textures develop. 

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  1. Love this! I might have to add this to my list for next year's Christmas.. I'm trying to expand into different stitches/samplers to try and get more confident with things other than the basketweave! Love the contrast blue with the sparkle of the trees...