Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Florida postcard pillow

I really used to think that I was competent with a quick and accurate mind.  However, last night I had reason to question that belief.  I decided to do the preliminary math for last month's Florida sales tax report, due October 20th.  A full 9 days early, you might notice.  That's when I discovered that last month I had sent in my August report on the September coupon.  Oh, woe is me!!  It took 15 minutes on the telephone this morning to have the "powers that be" change the record to show that the payment was for August.  Why it took so long, I can't say.  However I didn't want to prolong the process by asking for a new form for September.  Crossing out August and writing September should be straightforward enough, I hope??

So I've been thinking about Florida alot today and it reminded me that I haven't shown you the Florida postcard pillow model that Needle Nicely has.  This is one of a series of the 50 states designed by Denise De Rusha Designs.

The canvas was stitched in tent stitch using perle coton 3.  Then we made twisted cording from the same perle to make the tiny inner and larger outer cording for the finished pillow.  Vero doesn't have many fabric and notions options so we often have to make our own cording for the best color match.

Denise has also added countries to her postcard series.  (And yes, I do realize that North Carolina has not managed to become a sovereign nation though some of my North Carolinian friends believe it should.)


  1. I love these designs! So well painted and easy to stitch! Plus they go so quickly! You'll have to add photos of my finished ones, when they come back from the finisher! Add a few more states to the list!

  2. I stitched Kansas, Connecticut and Texas last year for my son, and can attest that these are fun projects!