Thursday, October 6, 2011


This is the public library as viewed through the fence enclosing it because of its current renovation.  Actually, you can enter the library on the left-hand side and it is worth the visit.  There is a 1/2 to scale schooner (a really big sailing ship) housed on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the library.  We were told that the library was built around the schooner, which sounds believable after you see it "in situ".  I couldn't get far enough away to take a picture.  As a former librarian, I can say that this is a really neat library.  To emphasize my enthusiasm, I bought a t-shirt with a picture of the library on the front and a statement that I'm a Provincetown Library supporter on the reverse. 

This is another item located in the library.  I think it is actually what used to be a shelf list catalog (a listing in shelf order of all the items in the library) that used to be kept in the cataloging department of the library.  It is a memorial to a former librarian and contains her recipe index cards, all with suitable subject headings.  As a former cataloger, I really like this! 

This is a slightly askew picture of the front of the t-shirt.  This refused to go alongside the picture.  GRRR!

Also worthy of a visit is the Provincetown Town Hall.  It also has been refurbished and is in excellent condition.  What is especially noteworthy is the collection of paintings that hang in the hallways and offices.  They were a gift to the town by a wealthy donor.  If you go there, ask in one of the offices about the paintings.  They have a notebook discussing all of those on display (and "they" will let you walk around with it while you view the paintings). 

This is a sunset photograph of the Stage Harbor
lighthouse.  Isn't that sky just gorgeous!  The Oyster River is in the foreground and Nantucket Sound is behind the lighthouse. 

And another sunset shot, this more western and again showing the Oyster River in the forefront and Nantucket Sound in the background.

I could look at the last two photographs forever.  So beautiful and restful.  And what marvelous momentos of a delightful week of friendship and fellowship.

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  1. Great pictures! I love the last two- they just look so peaceful! Has Anne done a canvas of the library? I bet it would come alive with her elegant painting and vibrant stitches!