Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fab fob by Voila!

One of the projects I took to Chatham to work on last week was an 18mesh canvas designed by Voila! for a key fob.  I stitched it in DMC perle 5 in the basketweave where possible.  Here is the stitched canvas after it has been blocked.  Following the instructions that came with the canvas and hardware, I trimmed the canvas to 1/2" along the length of the design and flush with the stitching on the two ends.

This photograph shows the back of the canvas where I have folded back 2 rows of stitching along with the 1/2" blank canvas border.  I have glued the canvas to the back of the stitching.  Then I placed it between 2 sides of a plastic ziplock bag and put a 1-volume encyclopedia on it so it could dry flat. 

This is the ribbon that has been glued to the back of the needlepoint, covering the folded back edges.  The ribbon protrudes past the ends of the fob--it will be trimmed before the final finishing takes place.

And the finished product that looks great!  And I didn't even get any glue in my hair!  Hooray!!


  1. Looks great! I did one of those for mom a few weeks ago and made a total disaster of it! There was glue everywhere and lots of canvas sticking out of the sides! Yours looks fantastic- and I know how hard it is to get it lined up properly and to wait patiently through all the steps! It's very Florida-y!

  2. The fob is just darling, Mary Agnes!