Saturday, April 7, 2012

If the shoe fits...session 2

Well, I learned something this week.  The new L metallics from Kreinik are called Holographic.  And they do have that iridescence that goes with holograms, so the name seems apt.  I'm sure Kreinik will be thrilled I approve of their product name.

I didn't accomplish much shop stitching this week, primarily because many people came in for last minute help before heading North.  I marked missed stitches for a Christmas stocking and canvas for a Pischke Pocket.  Missed stitches produce a mixed reaction--gratitude that I'm taking the time to do it, but irritation that I find so many.  It is a pain to go back and fill in an odd stitch here and an odd stitch there.  Then I twisted the yarn cording that I'll use next week when I make the pocket and attach it to the Pischke tote.  Someone ought to do a survey on how many needlepointers don't like to sew to finish their projects.  In my experience, it's quite a large number.  

I'm making myself stitch the background before I do the confetti on this canvas.  That way I don't have to be careful about ending the thread for each piece, but can run from piece to piece of the same color, just catching the back of my work so the loose threads don't pucker or get in my way.  I have the metallic threads in use run to the border on the right so they're out of the way, on the front of the canvas (on the back, they act like children who get into trouble when you can't keep your eye on them!).  The stitches I'm using for the confetti are Smyrna crosses and  modified raised Maltese Crosses. 

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