Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Swimming with the fishes, Part II

I'm trying to think what went on this week that caused me to get so little stitching accomplished on this project.  Although I try to remind myself that "pinkie" fish is larger than the first fish I stitched.  Size does matter when it comes to amount of stitching time needed.  Part of it was spending more time surfing blogs for reports on the Dallas needlework market that was this past weekend.  I'm always surprised at how much time has passed while I click and read and browse websites. 

And to keep you up-dated on the trials and tribulations of small business ownership.  I bought Needle Nicely from Trubey 14 years ago in 1998.  I didn't buy her corporation but set up my own.  That is back information.  The first week of March my local bank was taken over by  PNC bank, making them the 3rd bank I have dealt with as the owner of "dba" Needle Nicely.  I had to tell my credit card processor my new bank account number so things would be recorded correctly.  They were doing daily deposits of credit card transactions in my bank account--but had the wrong corporation on their processing account.  In the past month I have filled out three different sets of "official" papers, talked to 4 unhelpful and 2 helpful people at Firstdata, and had a gentleman call and come by for an "inspection", primarily to take photographs of Needle Nicely's physical plant to verify that it is indeed a brick-and-mortar business.  These are the same people who, at the flick of a button, can ascertain exactly how much money Needle Nicely has handled in credit card transactions for every day of the past 14 years.  And no, they haven't asked me to fill out a questionnaire concerning my opinion of the transition.  I'm grateful that the problem has been resolved and I can now, once again, accept debit as well as credit cards.  But they have me forever (or until they are bought out), because I'm not going to willingly endure that process with another company!

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  1. May the rest of the week pass more smoothly, Mary Agnes!