Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If the shoe fits...session 5

That sound you hear is the gnashing of my teeth.  I just edited the photograph of my progress on the shoe canvas, only to discover noticeable dye lot streaks.  I never let customers start backgrounds without having enough to finish, so why do I just blithely grab skeins at random?  I would pick out the bad lot, but I did another no-no.  I kept both dye lot papers, but NOT on the fiber.  They're just floating around, so how do I know which lot is the last one stitched.  Surprisingly, the color differences show up very little to the naked eye.  This has happened before, where something shows up in a photograph that isn't obvious at a glance. The only thing worse than this is if I get more dye lot streaks with the next skein.  I think that will be the time to contemplate my navel and hmmm.

The never-ending saga of the spinning fiber rack continues.  When putting on the panels after installing the new doughnut in the base, I managed to snag one in the hooks holding the panels in place.  Bent them.  Tried to put it together as it is, but not satisfactory.  After another telephone consultation with John of Rainbow Gallery, I have to take the rack apart (AGAIN), and try to bend the hooks back.  About this time a new rack is starting to look very good to me.  And heaven help me if anyone wants a card or two of Splendor in the near future.  It's in 6 boxes, in absolutely no order.  Someone came in yesterday looking for a flesh color and I miraculously plucked it from pandemonium.  All I could think of yesterday while I was wrestling with screwing panels together--"All I want to do is work in a needlepoint shop where all I have to do is sit and stitch all day".  Me too!

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  1. If it's any consolation, I couldn't see the dyelot discrepancy until I enlarged the photo. It's the last "clump" you pulled from that's darker than the other. I've had it happen to me--bigtime--but not with this thread, so I can relate.