Thursday, May 3, 2012

Petei retirement

Yesterday morning I received an email from Petei stating that her business was now closed.  I went to her website where there was a notice posted that all pending orders were cancelled and the business was closed as of April 30, 2012.   Several months ago she had mentioned that she was experiencing health problems and was considering retirement.  I'm sure others agree with me in hoping that she sells her designs to another company.

I decided to show some of the Petei canvases I have in stock in case anyone is interested.  Call 772 567 6688 or email me (

1. Angels of the month.  I think this one is August.  They are the same shape, but the gown colors vary with the     season.  For instance, October is black for Halloween.  The only one we do not have is December.
2.  Petei is known for her multitude of Santas.  Here's a Parisian artist Santa

3.  Naturally these two don't want to be side by side.  The white uniform is the female lacrosse player and the gold is the male (4.). 

5.  member of the hunt
6.  This Santa is a smidge larger than an ornament, but it does look good as a pillow insert or a door knob hanger.

7.  This Santa with sleigh is a perfect pillow.  What fun!

8. And this Green Santa looks like he's striding out--great look.  SOLD

9. Firefighter Santa


10. An elfish Santa.

Tomorrow I'll have more designs. 

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