Friday, May 4, 2012

More Petei

11.  Flying angel just looks like so many stitch


12.  I always have an eye out for alligator canvases
       since we're in Florida. 


13.  These pumpkins just look like fun.  I always meant to stitch these for a shop

Don't ask me where that blue print came from--I'm innocent!
15.  I think he's French, but wouldn't swear to it.

16.  A wonderful British Beefeater

 18.  Miss Liberty  SOLD

1 comment:

  1. Ok, Mary Agnes, Daughter of the Devil, you are tempting me! I have been thinking I'd like to pick up a Petei canvas to stitch next year and you have two I desire! So please email me the prices for the flying angel and the alligator, if they are still available, and where to send the check for them plus taxes and shipping reimbursement. I'm at chilly hollow at hot mail dot com and I think they would look pretty good in my stash. P.S. Thanks for posting about these. Not a lot of Peteis are available locally so I haven't seen most of these.

    Jane, drooling in CH (and it's all your fault!)