Wednesday, September 5, 2012

customer service, as a customer

I must preface this by saying I wrote this in April.

These past 10 days Calico Corners, an upholstery fabric chain, has been having a sale.  I went last week and spent over $200 on fabric and trims for pillows for customers and also for shop models (and future models).  The day before the sale ended I realized that I was stitching a witch canvas and needed orange fringe or black and orange fringe or black and orange get the picture.  I headed to Calico Corners with samples of the fibers I was using in stitching my witches shoes canvas.  So, imagine my surprise when I walked twice around the fringe and trim area at Calico Corners.  Nada.  Now, I'm a retailer so I recognize that they are having a sale and their sales force is occupied.  The manager is working on yesterday's sales figures at the central sales area--remember, I have superior hearing and I have heard her talking with someone else about how the sale is doing.  I approach her, tentatively.  She's busy, but I am a customer (which I remind myself--I've looked on my own and haven't found what I'm looking for).   I ask if it's possible to order fringe colors that they don't have.  She asks, what do you want that we don't have?  I say, I'm looking for halloween colors in fringe or bobbles.  Her response is "Try Jo-ann's".  Jo-ann's is reopening this next week in Vero.  And I quote:  We specialize in home decorating fabrics.  They do holiday items.  I didn't identify myself (several of her employees recognize me).  I merely replied, yes, I was looking for trim for needlepoint pillows.  Believe me, I'll find an opportunity to mention this encounter in the future.

EDIT:  I went to Jo-ann's today (4/18) and found 2 yards of feather fringe for the halloween pillow.  Its cost was 24.99 a yard.  I did use a coupon because Jo-ann's just opened this week, but I don't think $50. for trim on a pillow is something to sniff at!

Comment 9/5/2012:  I'm so pleased with the pillow that arrived today from the finisher.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  I called my finisher to rave and she mentioned that the woman who had attached the feather boa to the knife-edge mumbled a lot to herself.  But it turned out wonderfully.

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