Saturday, September 15, 2012

Palm frond slides, reshaped

Well, so much for my optimism about showing you my finished spider.  Please understand that usually I send everything to specific finishers, depending on their specialties.  However, I know that the latest issue of Needlepoint Now features Timothy and contains stitch and finishing suggestions.  Now when do you think I'll get my copy?  Vero Beach seems to be at the end of the bulk mailing chain.  Sigh!  So it will just be a little bonus when I can get my head around the easiest way to do the finishing. I have my cording made and my fiber fill on high alert.  It probably would have been smarter to send my pumpkin to a professional.  

So I've bumped up my introduction of another reshaping of an exclusive Trubey design for Needle Nicely.  She did this for several shapes of pocket books and for slide shoes.  

If you look closely, you can detect where the original lines were whited out (with gesso) and the top of the fronds extended up and out.  These will make pillow inserts the same size as the two flamingo pillows I stitched this summer.

I started by outlining the palm fronds on the top right.  I did this the 4 hours I was in the Atlanta airport waiting for my flight home last Monday.  I interspersed people watching with boring stitching.  Since I've been home, I have worked on the Byzantine mosaic for the sky.  I am using splendor for all of the design elements.

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