Wednesday, September 19, 2012

what a pretty bow!

Over the years Alice Peterson Co. has had several best-selling bow designs.  This is a smaller version that was fun to stitch.

The canvas comes with a stitch guide, but I preferred to select my own fibers and stitches.
First I started with the background in the mosaic stitch using off-white impressions.  By stitching the background before the design, you not only have a place to anchor your colored threads, but also prevent pulling bits of them through when you do the background.  I especially use this technique when I am stitching a saying canvas.

I divided the large yellow circle into fourths, doing a satin stitch.  I also did this in the smaller pink circle, varying it a little by first doing a plus of continental stitch. The darker blue circle is done in the chain stitch using silk'n ivory.  The lighter blue circle is done in the octagonal Rhodes stitch in silk 'n ivory. The green square is done in the Hungarian stitch.  The yellow square to the right below the yellow circle is done in a enlarged version of a Scotch stitch

 You can barely see the medium green circle at the upper right.  It is stitched in the Ridged Spider web.  The pale lavender rectangle on the lower left was done in the Hungarian stitch as is the dark blue rectangle in the upper left-hand corner  The large circle is again stitched in the chain stitch.  The yellow area is an octagonal Rhodes stitch. 

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