Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lighthouses, week 4

I've brightened the blue used for the 4th lighthouse and in the multi-colored border.  The stitch is the interlocking gobelin (the same one I'm using for the nutcracker's hat). I like the added pop it lends to the design.

The border is progressing slowly.  It is difficult to stitch a pattern in a dark thread and doubly difficult when the fiber matches the background that has been painted.  Today was a beautiful, sunny day; so after I ran several errands, I settled in to watch the US Open tennis (go Roger!) and some FedEx cup golf (go Rory!) and stitch.  What a great way to spend an afternoon. 

Yesterday in the shop I gained a greater appreciation for the jobs finishers seem to do so effortlessly.  Several weeks ago a customer brought in a beanbag frog that had sprung a leak.  It would be too costly an operation to send it to my beanbag finisher (between shipping both ways and their labor fee), so I decided to tackle it myself.  What a surprise to discover that it really was filled with beans!  We use poly-pellets because of the humidity in Florida that causes beans to sprout and gain many buggy friends.  So first I had to make a trek to locate the poly-pellets (Joann's--Michael's has discontinued them).  Then to make a funnel to pour the pellets through, while at the same time with my 3rd hand holding the frog so the pellets would spread through the body.  And then to balance everything while hand stitching the opening closed. 

My next finishing chore was to make a tassel for a Christmas stocking.  It had to match the tassel we had put on a stocking last year.  I had to have the customer bring in the original stocking so I could measure its length and width so the match would be acceptable.   After a consultation with Helen (my retired tassel maker), I accomplished the task.  Now to send it to the finisher with enough perle cotton for her to make a matching twisted cord.  The finished stocking will be a work of beauty. 

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