Wednesday, October 31, 2012

climbing the walls

Anne of The Cape Stitcher requested photos of the walls of canvases put up by my wonderful assistant, Emma.  This is the wall to the right as you enter Needle Nicely.  You can see the fiber racks, first silk 'n ivory, next splendor, and then sparkle rays and watercolors.  We have white rolling racks that hold the canvases in categories (the turquoise dividers mark the subjects).  You can see part of the shelf that runs around the top of three of the shop's walls (the 4th wall is the plate glass windows).  We put that up there to display shop models. 

 This is the left side of the room.  The basket with belt canvases is under the long shell piece on a bench.

 This is the back left side of the room.  First you see the case where we have painted a Christmas tree and have Christmas ornament models.  The ornaments on the shelf above the display case are Needle Nicely's limited edition ornaments.  Next you see DMC cabinets with class models on display and Melissa Shirley canvases above them.  Then come the Christmas ornament canvases.  I have displayed some of the Princess and Me canvases on the wall beside one piece of a Susan Roberts tree skirt.  And on the back wall is a Santa hanging that is a limited edition.

This is the far left side of the right-hand wall.  It's hard to find an elegant way to display those huge tote bags for Pischke Pockets.

These 3 photos are close-ups of the right-hand wall.

These canvases are on the left immediately inside the door.  They are what people see when they are getting ready to leave--I like to have really striking canvases on this part of the wall.
Tomorrow is November 1 and the beginning of NaBloPoMo.  I plan to do a blog entry everyday in its honor.  Hope you can stop by.

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  1. Thanks for the tour, Mary Agnes--very impressive collection of canvases!