Saturday, October 27, 2012

Frosty the snowman, part II

Yesterday I did something I have never done.  I watched someone else climb a ladder and hang canvases on the walls of Needle Nicely.  I have always insisted on being the climber, partly because of liability issues and also because many of my employees have been less mobile than I am.  But this year is one of changes.  I have hired a 5'11" high school student to do the climbing.  I had preselected canvases and tentatively decided what would go where so that things would move smoothly.  An hour and 20 minutes later, the walls looked wonderful.  And she'll be back next month so we can do it again. 

This snowman's body is stitched in the Jacquard stitch.  His umbrella is done in the mosaic stitch using silk lame braid.

Here we have the body stitched in the Byzantine #3 variation from Stitches to Go.

This little guy's body is stitched in the Bargello Line Pattern #1 from Stitches to Go.

And I'll show and discuss that last 3 snowman on the pillow in another week or so.  Tonight I've promised myself that I'd put some study time in on my new I-phone 4S.  I realized today at the opera that I wasn't sure how to turn it off.  Talk about pitiful!  So  please send me positive thoughts about wrestling with technology.

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  1. Please take a photo when you have a minute, Mary Agnes, so we can see what the newly-decorated wall looks like!