Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Palm frond slides, reshaped III

I'm making progress in several areas of my professional and stitching lives.  This morning I had a long-distance conference with a representative of Constant Contact, a bulk email company.  The Needle Nicely Newsletter now has a basic template and a logo header.  I finally feel like I'm getting a grip on the process.  He gave me my homework assignment of what I should try to accomplish before our next conference this coming Wednesday.  

I turned the canvas upside down to stitch the woven (or t-) stitch for the sand.  It is infinitely easier to start stitching any pattern in a straight line, rather than the jagged shore line as shown here.

It has been a challenge to do the diagonal mosaic in the palm fronds.  Sometimes continental stitch is the only option.  You can see that I also did the basketweave for the sky that shows between the palm fronds.  Life is definitely too short for me to try to continue the byzantine mosaic through those breaks in pattern.  Not that I think anyone could discern the pattern if I had tried! 

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