Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Frosty, the snowman

Well, I just typed a paragraph, touched a wrong key and the paragraph disappeared.  Humph!  I managed to send the 1st Needle Nicely Newsletter on Sunday.  If you would like to be put on the mailing list, send me your email address (mine is nnicely @ the spaces) or include it in the comments.  Eventually I will figure out how to put a link here on the blog that will connect to the newsletter archives.  Another technological mountain to climb! 

This canvas from Lee's Needle Arts shows 9 snowmen.  It is so delightful and was such fun to stitch.  The background was stitched in the mosaic in silk 'n ivory.  All of the hats are stitched in the encroaching gobelin using silk'n ivory.  Also, all of the heads are stitched in the mosaic using white Fyrewerks and the noses are all done in the satin stitch with orange sparkle rays.  The first Snowman on the left wears a scarf stitched in the cross stitch using fuzzy stuff.  It was too tough to fit a patterned stitch into the way the scarf was originally painted, so I made the scarf a solid color.  The body is the patio cashmere, again using the white fyrewerks.

Photograph #3: This little fella's body is stitched in Byzantine #2 from Stitches to Go by Howren & Robertson, a wonderful stitch book.  The scarf is done in the cross stitch using fuzzy stuff.

I have re-typed that last paragraph multiple times.  Blogger does not want it to be beside the photograph so I added the clarifier that it is the 3rd photograph.  There's more than one way to skin a cat or outsmart a recalcitrant Blogger.

The snowman in the bottom photograph has the nobuko stitch for his body and smyrna crosses in silk lame braid.


  1. A fun canvas! Do we get to see more?

    1. I plan to blog stitch the rest of the canvas and--as an added attraction-- a single canvas of a snowman extracted from this canvas. Stay tuned!