Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gunther the magnificent is finished! Hooray!

My first post on Gunther was August 22, 2012.  I foolishly thought I would have his stitching finished by Christmas.  Silly Girl! 

But here he is, glorious and beautiful!

This is the view of his right leg with background so you can see that the background did indeed line up when I finished going around the outside.  Even though you know you can count and don't think you've skipped a row, there is still that uncertainty that it will line up.  YES!  

And just for the record, the last 3 stitches I took on him were the 3 French knots on the blue of his tunic.

And now for the great unveil:
I'm going to give him a place of honor at the shop for the next week or so where I can admire him (and so can others) before sending him to the finisher. 


  1. Your perseverance has been rewarded, Mary Agnes! Gunther is absolutely wonderful--superb job! Congratulations!

  2. he is so handsome! Congratulations on your!

  3. He's absolutely wonderful! And I love your choice of stitches too.