Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Classic hassock

Monday I took the Maggie Co. trunk show to UPS to ship home.  That meant the walls at Needle Nicely were bare.  Tsk!  My teenaged assistant hurt her foot, so her father stepped in again to be the "hanger".  His only request was that I not select belt canvases or Christmas ornaments as he only had a one-hour window.

Here's what I selected and he put up on the walls:

These squares were designed by Trubey of Trubey Designs.  She used to have a rug with 6 squares using some of these botanicals (we have the rug canvas, though I didn't photograph it).  Years ago we stitched one of these squares and had it made into the "classic hassock" of this blog's title.

And the other walls contain these canvases:


  1. How big are the Trubey botanical squares, Mary Agnes? They're really lovely.

  2. Anne, the design area is 20"x20" (that includes the ribbon).