Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Two-sided Santa

After Gunther, I decided to do several "small" projects.  This 2-sided Santa from Susan Roberts caught my eye last year.  I prefer to stitch canvases from different designers, but this one is so cute I decided Susan deserved a repeat performance!

 I started wtih Santa's cap.  I wanted to do the diagonal mosaic between the dots, so I ignored the painted dots and did my own with French knots.  I'm doing Santa's robe, cap, and gloves in Petite Very Velvet.  I love to rub it while I'm stitching.
Here you can see where I have drawn an outline outside Santa so the finisher will have something to stitch into and none of Santa's design will be lost in finishing.  I'm doing the outside outline in the basketweave using splendor.  The trim on Santa's outfit is French knots done with one wrap using 2-ply of kit kin.  Santa's face is stitched in tent stitch using perle 5.  His eyebrows are a straight stitch in kit kin.  His hair and beard blend together and are stitched in the long/short split stitch using 2 strands of kit kin.  I tried 3 strands but it was just too fat. 


  1. What a jolly little fellow! And a quick-stitch by Gunther's standards, regardless of side 2.