Saturday, April 13, 2013

Starfish garland

When the new canvases I had ordered started arriving this February, this beauty from Associated Talents sparked an idea in my brain.  I had seen garlands that some designers had done from needlepoint canvases (Kathy Schenkel is the one I remember most).  I thought this would make a wonderful Florida garland if I enlarged the outline 150% and used a combination of fibers and stitches to produce the design.

But first, I contacted Carol from Associated Talents and asked permission to use their shape.  I probably could have fudged a variation of their shape, but why not give credit to the cause of my idea?  Anyway, Carol said they would be delighted to let me use the shape and thought it was a cute idea.

Rather a rough outline, but it won't matter since I just need the vague outline.
This is the Diagonal Triple Parisian stitched with silk 'n ivory and 1/16 Balger metallic ribbon (something I've had for ages at the shop).  Meredith showed this combination of fibers in the nobuko stitch on the background of I think her flip flop canvas this January (http://www.mer'  And there are other combination stitches that the idea will work with and I'm going to try.

I think I'll do three of these in different colors.  While I'm stitching, I'll have time to think about what other items I'll attach to the garland and also what color(s) my cord will be.


  1. It's a clear mark of your integrity that you check with a designer before enlarging the shape of her design. You're a class act, Mary Agnes.

  2. Love the color combo and stitch you are using here.