Saturday, October 12, 2013

Gunther in all his glory, finished

He's home from his travels to the finisher and looks gorgeous! 

This side view is so you can see the backing and cording. 

 After finishing the stitching on the congress cloth angel, I decided I needed so quick satisfaction.  I selected this giclee ornament canvas from In Good Company.  It's colors look very Halloweeny, but I want it to be a Christmas ornament.

 I did the octagonal Rhodes stitch for the circles and took this picture to show how high they stand off the canvas.  I wish I had done the basketweave stripes in the new peppermint stick white from Balger rather than their lacquered silver.  Too late to change.
The red I did in nobuko, though the detail of the stitch disappears in the shimmer. 

 And the finished product all ready to be sent to be made into a shop model.  I really like almost instant gratification!

Speaking of gratification, this is a shot of our
resident blue heron on the march with his eye on


  1. Gunther looks fantastic, congratulations!

  2. Gunther will be the ultimate "greeter" for anyone coming into the shop! And your instant ornament looks great!