Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The joys of small business ownership

I would like to learn more about the innate patterns of species, whether they be insects or what we think of as animals.  I know that in the 8 years Needle Nicely has been in its current location, I have had to destroy a wasp's nest in front of one of the decorative columns at least once a year.  It's in front of the facade and not somewhere you would naturally look.  But I try to check on this area about every six months.  And when like today I see wasps  feverishly working on a "cone", I run back inside and grab my super aerosole can of bug spray.  First I spray the developing cone and then after the wasps have flown away (hopefully to die), I use my metal yardstick to knock the cone away from the building.  There's a small bit of dodging the fleeing wasps (they seem to aim for your cheek). There is a similar location under the front eaves of my home.  My husband is extremely allergic; so periodically I do a tour around the perimeter of our home looking for "varmints".  Usually there is a growing nest just outside our kitchen window.  I know the wasp builders can't be the same ones as 10 years ago--how do they infallibly build in the same spot?

Of course, my purpose in telling this story is that just once in my retail life I would like to have a landlord who has a staff (chuckle, chuckle) who notices things like wasps' nests and knocks them down before I have to do it. I do accost the "maintenance worker" while he's making his rounds and I point to the spot and mime in very bad Spanish  that he should destroy the nest.  I don't think I'm a very good actress and I know my Spanish is weak--so we do a lot of miming.  Sigh!  Or, after you repeatedly request it, replace the stop sign that some vehicle knocked down.  "No, it isn't on city property--it's in the shopping center", you report to no avail.  Alas!  It's still not replaced. 

Among the new canvases arriving this month are these angels:

This is one of a series of angels done by Melissa Shirley.  Melissa has angels on 13m (which I think this is, she says forgetfully), 18m as well as angels on stars on congress cloth.

 Several years ago I stitched another from this series of angels done by Melissa Shirley.  I especially like the border and wings.

The next three angels are from the multitudes on every possible subject done by Painted Pony.


  1. Are the charms new to the PP canvases? I don't recall seeing them before.

    1. No, Anne. They've been there and actually Debbie just commented on Facebook that their cost is the reason for the increase in price of the angels. I admire her for being able to maintain such a large selection of canvases, not to mention the charms to accompany them!