Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ho, ho, ho finished

Saw my first car carrier of the fall season yesterday--hurrah!  That means that people are shipping their cars back down and will soon be here.  It is wonderful to be in Vero during the summer because there are fewer people around and the traffic is sparse.  But you can't make a living from empty streets. 

Last month I put "Ho, ho, ho" aside while I waited for supplies to finish the Os.  First I thought the metal forms for covered buttons would be great painted like peppermints with metallic paint.  Wrong!  Even multiple coats were streaky and yucky looking.  Anyone interested in some unused 2 1/2" covered button forms? 

Then I thought of using wonder ribbon since I had brought some home from the St. Charles market.  But of course by the time I made my purchase they were out of red and white.  I made several phone calls about ordering these, but I think the company was on vacation since so answer and no answering machine.  Note to self:  Remember to try again since I'm sure I'll find a use for this and people will want red & white. 

So, that great fall-back position was:  basketweave.  The swirls didn't seem to lend themselves to pattern stitches.  Too much compensating for mosaic or diagonal mosaic; too short and then too long for satin stitch.  So I did them in basketweave using Balger metallic--the red lacquer and the peppermint white.  Both so glisteny and pretty. 

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