Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Shop stitching for customers

This is a belt canvas that Needle Nicely custom designed for a customer at least 4 years ago.  Vision problems and lack of time plagued the owner who wanted to give it as a finished belt to her husband.  Enter Needle Nicely and our stitching service.  I assured the customer that she would have the belt to give her husband this Christmas.  I personally am stitching it at the shop.  With larger projects I have several local women who are eager to earn "pin" money by stitching for me.  In fact, today I took in an 18mesh Alexa Christmas stocking that was about 25% stitched and a Melissa Shirley canvas (the large two sea horse canvas) that was about 20% stitched.  Though I would love to personally stitch both of them, I will pass them on to others who have more time and will finish them in a timely fashion.  And, no, the Christmas stocking won't be hanging on the mantle this year but it certainly will be next year. 

I have already received back from the finisher the two First Christmas mini-stockings that I stitched earlier this month for a customer.  I apologize for forgetting to take a picture of them and will take one tomorrow for Saturday's blog. 

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