Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Several finished pillows

Yesterday I received a box of finished items from one of my finishers. The first I blog-stitched on 7/31/13 and 8/17/13. 
This pillow was originally stitched in Paternayan persian wool and various metallics in 1979.  Its original backing was a blue plaid taffeta that had faded over the years (as have I!).  I took it apart and sent it to the finisher for a navy moire ruffle and backing.  You'd never realize that the needlepoint was over 30 years old.

The "summer sunflower" canvas is be Ewe and Eye designs and arrived at Needle Nicely today.  It looks like a fun stitch.

This Shi-Tzuh  is a Barbara Russell design.  I think the eyes are especially natural.

And I just have to share a telephone conversation I had this afternoon.  A lady called, inquiring about Christmas stockings.  Yes, I told her, we have a stack of stocking canvases.  In the subsequent conversation, it transpired that she had a 4-month old grandson and she wanted to do him a Christmas stocking for THIS Christmas.  I told her no way.  She didn't believe me.  I'm not sure if she'll come in to pick one out or kill the messenger and go elsewhere.  Time will tell.  


  1. The pillows are lovely, Mary Agnes. And the Ewe and Eye canvas is cool.

  2. Well, you could do one of those mini socks from Kathy Schenkel in time if you can finish it yourself....

    Which I suspect wasn't what she meant.