Wednesday, July 9, 2014

cortisone city and SR tree X

I'm writing this late, late Monday night because I finally broke down and went to the doctor today about my sinus infection/lung crap.  I tried to get an appointment last week but since I work alone in the summer, I couldn't drop everything and go in Thursday afternoon.  Actually, Thursday was about my 4th best business day in at least 4 months so I wasn't about to close the door.  And Wednesday I couldn't get an answer at my doctor's office.  Duh!  I always schedule any medical appointments for early morning, whether they be dentist, eye doctor, or gp.  It's difficult to convey to the schedulers that yes, I'm over 65 but I do have a business that I prefer to see open at 10am.  So, either schedule me on a summer Monday or before 9:30  during the week.  I can deal with that.  Thank goodness, Vero is a small town so I can almost make it to the shop by 10 if I see you at 9:30 (my doctor is usually spot on time).

Anyway, the whole point of this is that today I got the expected diagnosis of sinus infection/lung infection.  Prescription an antibiotic and a bonus because I was wheezing--a shot of cortisone.  Oh, joy.  Over 20 years ago I received a shot of cortisone for my stitcher's elbow and went back to the shop to work.  Macy later said that I was bouncing off the walls and talking in triple speed.  At least today I came home for my last day off on a 4-day weekend.  So, no afternoon nap, almost no stitching, and I'm still at the computer at 12:30am on Tuesday.  Sigh!  At least this should wear off by later in the morning.  My husband wisely retreated to sleep and ignore me.  Good man.   EDIT:  I wound up getting to sleep about 6:15 am for a refreshing hour's sleep.  I was amazed at how well I functioned in the shop on Tuesday.  The downside was that I was too jittery all night to concentrate on stitching so I read an entire memoir by Dame Judi Dench.

On the stitching front, I just finished another section of the Susan Roberts Christmas tree.  I keep counting pieces and think I have only another 1 1/4 pieces to go.  
On the right you see the completed section of criss-cross Hungarian stitched in rachel/flair and Treasure Braid.  The left side is a Hungarian couching stitch done with very velvet for the laid thread, neon rays plus for the tie-down stitches, and Treasure Braid for the ornamental filling stitches. 


  1. The tree is looking good! And hope the sinus/lung crud goes away soon--the last time I had steroids (for pneumonia), the doctor told me to rest--HA! I was washing walls at 3:15 a.m. Apparently I was scaring the children . . .