Saturday, July 26, 2014

Group decisions, not really a good use of resources

Most needlepoint shops have sales staffs of varying levels of expertise.  One assumes that the greatest level of expertise is possessed by the owner (though this is not always the case).  I try to stress to my employees that it is not necessary for everyone working in the shop at the moment to be a part of the decision-marking process with a customer.  Yes, one employee should be completely engaged.  But no decision is so earth-shaking that everyone on the face of the earth (or on the payroll of Needle Nicely) needs to offer an opinion.  That's why you'll often see me ducking into the backroom while my employees offer their opinions.

I never resent waiting on a customer.  In fact, I rather enjoy the interaction (and I should or I shouldn't be in business).  However, if I have an employee in the shop, that usually means I should be doing something administrative while she waits on customers.  That's why I am paying her.  Administrative means writing up finishing to be shipped to the various finisher, entering canvases into the inventory so they can then be hemmed and put on display, paying bills (perish the thought!), ordering fibers, calling designers to place special orders, etc., etc.  Or, as happened one recent Thursday, calling the US post office package tracing line to be sure that an insured package wasn't lost.  Thank goodness it wasn't and I heard yesterday that it has been picked up at the local post office.  I insure finished items for at least $300. so they must be signed for and can't just be dropped on the doorstep.  This can cause a problem since so many people work.  They often don't recognize the notices that the post office delivers with their mail to indicate where the package is being held for pick up.

On another topic, the splendor rack is functional again.  I received the replacement stand from Rainbow Gallery about lunchtime on Thursday.  I made a quick call to Stuart and  he stopped by around 3 pm to orchestrate the final assembly of the rack.  Then Lynn spent Friday morning rehanging the splendor inventory on the hooks.  Whew!  It looks gorgeous and turns like a dream.

This is the finished pillow of the scallop needlepoint from Trish that I blog-stitched earlier this year.  The backing fabric just happened to be a perfect match for the golden tan silk 'n ivory that I had used for the shell and border.

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