Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It's the season! At last!

Everyone at the TNNA show said that needlepoint is back!!  Thank goodness.  In Vero Beach, real estate is selling. Those in the know say that it takes 10 years for an area to come back after a significant hurricane (or any major disaster).  That's how long it has taken Charleston after Hugo and  Miami after Andrew.  Perhaps New Orleans will take a smidge longer since Katrina was so massively devastating.  And I know Vero Beach had 3 hurricanes in a row (Frances and Jeanne in 2004; and Wilma in 2005) and this is the first hint of life's returning to normal.  I had to take a "power nap" last Tuesday night when I got home, Macy and I were so busy.  My home stitching is suffering as a result, but good business is good business and I definitely won't whine about it.

I will whine and then applaud because I finally managed to get blogger to accept two new pages to the right.  I've now broken the vow of silence and am telling people how to contact Needle Nicely.  Duh!  Only took me 4 years to figure that one out.  And I've been trying since the first of January to enter the 2015 finishes.  Success is mine.

New canvases have started appearing.  Some, like this beauty by Canvas Connection, are old friends. My shop model of this triangular Santa has the date of 1982 stitched on one side.
I love looking at this landscape and thinking of stitches for the different areas.  It would be such fun to stitch.  (Maybe part of its attraction is that I grew up on a dairy farm--those black and white [Holstein] cows are gorgeous!)

 This is just such a Florida beach scene, though it could be anywhere on a seashore.  It's a design by Needle Crossings.  Pat's husband was doing the basketweave in their booth at the Phoenix market.  Of course I neglected to take a photograph of him!!  I think I need to write a song or sonnet about missing the photo op.

I neglected to measure this canvas, but think it is about two feet tall, if not taller.  Those patches on the apron speak to me about pattern stitches.  This beauty is a Barbara Russell design.

And I'll end with this wonderful 4-foot-tall canvas from Sophia Designs.  At Needle Nicely we have a tendency to name canvases.  This one is called Sophia in honor of her designer.  Such great areas for pattern stitches.
At this time of year, it's constantly Christmas with wonderful canvases arriving via UPS and the USPS.


  1. That Sophia canvas is amazing! Am I right in thinking this type of design is very different from the others in her line?

  2. Anne, I think this is a Clarice Bethel design. Sophia is one of several artists who purchased her designs. Barbara Russell and Lee's Needle Arts also have some of her ladies.