Saturday, January 31, 2015

Oh, my stars! 3

When I take an item from a customer for finishing, I get a phone number.  No money changes hands.  My theory is that everybody values their stitching.  In 30-odd years of retail, that has worked out well for me--with one exception.  Five years ago, a regular customer brought a frog in for finishing.  When it came back from the finisher, I tried both telephone numbers I had on file.  Nothing.  And no current address in the telephone book or on google.  She just dropped off the face of the earth.  Everytime a charity came in looking for a donation for their silent auction (we have a lot of that in Vero), I considered adding the frog to my contribution.  But I didn't,  Yesterday my patience was rewarded when Gwen came in. She had totally forgotten about the frog and was amazed and thankful that I still had it.

My home stitching production has slowed because of the season.  I'm so tired when I get home that I don't have the interest to pick up my stitching while I watch a mindless tv program.  It's more restful for my mind just to sit and veg out!  As someone remarked the other day, needlepoint shop owners need to be able to triage projects for their customers and also provide some personal therapy (in addition to the retail therapy we're all eager to provide!).  Sometimes things get a little intense.
Among the new canvases arriving this week were these two designed by Eleanor and distributed by Ruth Schmuff.  She has a refreshing minimalist approach to design.  This egret is just pleasing to my eye--I'd like to put it on the shop wall and just gaze at it.
 And for those dog, and particularly dachshund lovers, is this beauty.
Susan Roberts had many new designs at the Phoenix market.  I just had to have this woodland Santa stocking.

 And who could resist this iceskating Santa ornament?

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