Saturday, January 3, 2015

Take that stitching blahs--a finish!

I'm enamored with my finished monogram ornament--only in part because it is finished.  The colors I selected are so edgy and today, I just love them.
Even better, someone was in the shop yesterday who mentioned that the ornament had given her the idea to not put a name on the top of a Christmas stocking, but rather to do a hanging tag with the individual's name.  Of course, I applauded her brilliance.

I've talked before about how expensive going to the wholesale markets can be.  There is one in Phoenix this coming weekend.  Being a world-class coupon clipper (though not so much now as I grow older--my needs are definitely smaller), I am staying in a Hilton hotel for four nights, 2 of which I am paying for with Hilton Honor points.  The people at Hilton Honors are so helpful and my paid-for nights are the cheapest of the four nights.  My plane ticket is free thanks to Capitol One. Thus my only expenses are my food, transportation to and from the airports in Phoenix and in Florida, in addition to those 2 nights.  That's the expenses for a shop owning buyer. Still not cheap. The expenses for exhibitors are the same with the added cost of their booths and the freight to and from the venue.  And perhaps the expenses of anyone they may bring along to assist with manning the booth.

Because of these expenses some artists are foregoing attending the markets.  I received my first shipment of canvases from Amanda Lawford who has decided that she and her son Derek will not be attending Phoenix.  The following  canvases are a selection of designs from The Needlepoint Broad.  I'm not sure if Amanda purchased the designs or is just distributing the line.  No matter, they are gorgeous and I hope  the list of states and teams with designs is added to in the not-too-distant future.

 Do you get a clue that I'm originally from Maryland?  She also has several neat crab designs.


  1. I'm not much of a pink flamingo fan, but that canvas is gorgeous.

  2. YAY for the finish! and going to the show will probably re-ignite your passion--it always did mine!