Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Oh, my stars!

In coming up with designs, one thing often leads to another.  Such as the starfish garland that I stitched two years ago (finished product is here 8/8/13).  All of a sudden last week, I thought that a star garland in Christmas colors done in the same pattern-stitches would be fun to do.  So I have started stitching and my stars are what I will be taking stitch this weekend to and fro and in Phoenix.  But I also thought that Hearts would be great for Valentine's Day; Pumpkin shapes for Halloween...and my mind just swirls trying to come up with what shape would work for what holiday.

 Here's the basic shape.  I'm working it on stretcher bars using Splendor and Silk lame braid.
Here is the beginning of the Byzantine Scotch stitch.  I didn't fill in the metallic yet because it makes it easier for you to see the pattern.  Then it is a snap to go back and fill the Scotch stitches in.

One of my ongoing classes this winter season will be on Friday mornings when I will be teaching people to do either a star or a starfish, depending on what interests them.