Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Oh, my stars! 2

For some reason, this year re-entry into the real world has been taking longer than usual after my market visit.  Actually this market was atypical since I didn't have access to daily newspapers (the gift shop was never open--how is that an income producer?), though I also didn't really have time to read them.  At night, I couldn't figure out the local tv schedule, so no wheel of fortune or jeopardy, though lots of professional and college football.  I totally forgot about Major Crimes and Downton Abbey get the picture.  And, of course, I didn't bring my computer, so no email or Double-down casino.  I really was in a surreal world!!

I was shocked to discover that my carry-on size TravelPro suitcase was disintegrating in front of my eyes.  I had my first inkling of this meltdown when I went away for a weekend in November. There was about a 2 inch black worm on the bedroom floor.  I tossed it without figuring out its origin, but wondering.  This time I was forcibly reminded when an entire strip of decorative trim was floating in the breeze.  So, last Monday after my return,  I walked it to the curb.  Sad to say, I can't remember how old the suitcase is (12 years, 20 years?), but Sayonara. Last year I had donated the larger size of TravelPro because it was really too large.  Gave it to a resale shop here in Vero and I wonder if it is holding up. Elastic and plastic products don't fare well in Florida's ocean breezes.  Just put on a 3-year-old pair of panty-hose and you'll realize the elastic is gone.  Ain't happening! Ah, well.   I do have a loden green Briggs & Riley that has a lifetime guarantee.  Don't know why I didn't use it for this trip, but since it's now the only suitcase I possess, I'll be using it for future trips.  (Note to self: check it out sometime soon!).  NOTE:  Someone in the neighborhood obviously wasn't distressed by the lack of "trim"--the suitcase was gone before the garbage truck arrived.

I realized Saturday night that I hadn't stitched anything since my return.  Hmmm.  Sunday I leapt into action and finished the Splendor Scotch stitches.  Now I just have to fill in the blanks with metallic.

Here are Macy and a customer "getting down" to select some Splendor from the rack.  Neither of them required assistance in getting up--if it had been me, a derrick would have been required or so many convulsions of my body that I'd be exhausted by the time I was upright again!
MAJOR EDIT;  In the star photograph, I have stitched the Byzantine stitch, NOT the Scotch stitch.  (Sigh)


  1. Glad you're stitching again--and it would require a derrick and several very strong men to get me off the floor!

  2. Ok I have to ask what is a "derrick"....?

  3. Sheena, Wikipedia says that a derrick is a lifting device attached to a tower. It lifts heavy weights. Oil derricks lift the drilling devices for oil wells. Anyway, as a fine figure of a woman, if I get on the floor, a large derrick is required to lift me!!! Chortling all the way.