Saturday, October 3, 2015

Some magnetic toys from Destination Dallas

Most of the clientele of Needle Nicely does "traditional" needlepoint--that is, basketweave, stitched in hand rather than on a frame.  So they have been tardy in adopting magnets to hold your needle on the canvas you are stitching.  However, I am trying to make up for their lack of interest.  Below are photographs of the magnets I bought in Dallas, including one I purchased in duplicate so I could take home what I think may be a coffee cup and saucer. Since I take my tea with milk, the contents of the cup resembles my morning tea.

 I apologize for the glare off of the plastic bags covering the magnets.  I tried several angles and this was the least "shiny".

I think Susan Roberts read the memo concerning my tote bag collection.  She handed out a clear plastic one in January to those shops placing orders.  Now, at Dallas, she added a kaleidoscope of color tote for order placers.  Isn't it pretty?

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  1. Some folks love needlepoint gew-gaws, like magnets. Hope your customers do, too.