Saturday, October 24, 2015

Credit card chip readers

I received Needle Nicely's new credit card chip reader before I attended the Dallas show.  That trip was a good excuse to walk around the unopened box.  Another excuse was the dire-sounding emails from Clover saying how to go on line for installation directions and making it sound like a really big deal.  Also, an article in the New York Times talking about the transition didn't help encourage me to install it.  Rather, it mentioned that boutique shops rarely have problems with credit cards and so it was less essential to install the new technology.  And admittedly, Needle Nicely has had only one chargeback in over 30 years and no fraudulent transactions in that same time period.  Still, the equipment had to be installed by October 31, 2015, for businesses to be "compliant"; and therefore not legally responsible for fraudulent transactions.  Soooo, Friday afternoon I installed a Clover mini that utilizes wi-fi to conduct its business. Piece of cake to install.  The only down side was that I discovered that it didn't include Amex.  Why would a company send equipment that wasn't set for the cards I have taken with their previous equipment?  Does the right hand talk to the left in corporate business?  Anyway, it will take several days for me to be able to once again take American Express cards.  Now to find out in the coming week what glitches are going to appear.  I just know it can't be this easy.

Here's the beauty in all its glory:
Of course, I forgot to take pictures yesterday so I had to stop by the shop this morning to do so.  This is perhaps a better view.  Profiles often are.  In this view you can see better the slot on the top right where the card is inserted into the machine, chip end first.  You can also slide magnetic strip cards along the top edge of the white front.
Let me also take this opportunity to remind everyone that the Needle Nicely "Celebrating Surviving Hurricane Wilma Sale" is this next week, Monday through Friday.  All regularly-priced merchandise is 25% off; all sale merchandise is an additional 10% off.  


  1. I'm sure glad I don't have to deal with all this high-tech gobbledegook!

  2. Interesting! The life of a small business owner is full of challenges I can't even imagine.