Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Shop stitching, RUSH job 9

First, I must share the gorgeous finished model I received today.  It's the Clara Wells purse I blog-stitched this spring.  
I'm really pleased with the finished product.  The red gussets totally make the purse!

Secondly, today was the occasion of moving my shop stitching stocking on the stretcher bars.  I had completed everything I could before moving the canvas.
I finished stitching the black inside of the fireplace using DMC perle 5.  Then I added the sparks from the fire in silk lame braid in Smyrna crosses and continental stitches.   Next I finished the candlelight around the candle flames in two shades of DMC perle 5 in the Nobuko stitch.  I also completed the last angel's robe along with the French knotted edging.  

This is the unstitched portion of the bottom of the stocking left to stitch.  I was disappointed to realize that I am about half done, because I can't forget that I still have to stitch the cuff with the name.  One plus is that this half of the stocking doesn't have the details that I encountered in the top half.


  1. The Clara Wells purse is just lovely--good job! And congratulations on reaching the half-way mark on the stocking. It looks terrific so far!

  2. Gorgeous purse with wonderful leather details. Very nice job, MA!