Saturday, October 10, 2015

Some finished models and several more canvases

Anne Stradal of stitched this canvas from Needle Crossings for one of her columns in Needlepoint Now.  In return for my selecting and buying the canvas, Anne did the stitch selection and actual stitching, used it for her column and then gave me the stitched canvas.  I just got it back from my pillow finisher.  I like the neutrality of the backing fabric. And I like having friends like Anne!

These alligators by Treglown Designs, I blog-stitched ending in April, 2015.  I waited until mid-summer to send them to the pillow finisher to keep my summer expenditures down.  I wanted to accentuate the navy outlining the alligators.  I also felt the need for a change from the many green-backed and aqua-backed pillows I currently have on display in the shop.

Next are two canvases I brought home as possibilities for my stitching them for shop models.  Howev er, the reality of the Christmas stocking I am stitching for a customer reminds me, stitching these right now is just a dream.  This first canvas is from Zecca.  I love its whimsicality.

 When I look at this ornament canvas from Derek, Amanda Lawford's son, I can already see the stitches I would use on it.  Ah, well!  Perhaps next year.  Thank goodness, there are always canvases that beg for me to stitch them.


  1. I LOVE how you finished the Needle Crossings canvas! Just right, as are all of your pillow finishings. And your purse and saying finishings, and hopefully your stocking finishings!